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This is something that could help our youth out tremendously. Once it starts here it could spread throughout urban communities. We don’t have much left for our kids. I’d deeply appreciate your reblogs, and donations if able. No pressure. People are trying really hard out here to help this generation. Tired of senseless violence, robbery, theft, murder, drug abuse. We can make a way out. It takes a village.






iphotographlove submitted to medievalpoc:

Wait! Are we posting medieval POC? Because if so, this is my family! <3

Well, we are NOW

I will forever reblog black rennies

I love it when my friends cross my dash. :)

Yes, this family is really as awesome as they look (and they have a new addition coming in December!)

woot! my family is on my dash :)

and yes, new baby in December!!!!! more renaissance garb to sew! lol

Aw you guys look wonderful! And wait you sewed all that? Too gorgeous I can’t even. Medieval apparel tho.



Today - Bettie in “Nerdy Girlfriend.”

Wednesday - Carson in “Natural State” & Rita-May in “‘Merica”

Tuesday -  Blath in “Rock and Roll Suicide” & Maya in “Sexy in a Hotel” 

Monday - Neely in “Sea Shell Sea Stars” & Saya in “Frisky Kitty”

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